The Royal Seamaster

Omega Seamaster



During the King's Coronation festivities this month, Prince William was sighted at various locations in the capital city adorned with his OMEGA Seamaster Diver timepiece, a cherished gift from his late mother, Princess Diana, prior to her passing.

Accompanying him during their engagements, His Royal Highness, The Prince of Wales, also donned his faithful OMEGA Seamaster watch, which was bestowed upon him by his mother prior to her untimely demise in 1997. Reports suggest that Princess Diana presented William with this stainless-steel timepiece when he was just fifteen, and ever since, it has seldom left his wrist.

The notable watch in question belongs to OMEGA's quartz collection, functioning through a battery-powered mechanism with timekeeping regulated by a quartz crystal that oscillates at a specific frequency. Prince William's OMEGA watch features a sapphire crystal-coated blue dial, resistant to scratches. Notable attributes of the OMEGA Seamaster watch comprise its water-resistant capability, allowing for substantial depths underwater, a helium valve designed for diving purposes, a rotating bezel, a chronometer, and a luminescent watch face.

Established in 1848, OMEGA has been crafting timepieces and has risen to prominence as a leading global watchmaker. Renowned for their luxury, style, and dependability, OMEGA watches have become the preferred choice for numerous prominent individuals, as well as fictional characters like James Bond.

The inaugural OMEGA Seamaster watch was introduced in 1948, and over the years, the collection has evolved. The Seamaster Diver 300M series, worn by Prince William, was introduced in 1993.

Since the passing of Princess Diana, William has scarcely taken off his OMEGA Seamaster, donning it almost continuously. He even wore it on his wedding day to Princess Kate in 2011, symbolizing its immense significance and sentimental value to him.

This recent appearance leading up to King Charles' coronation signifies that William's deep attachment to his cherished timepiece remains steadfast, and it is highly likely that his trusted OMEGA Seamaster will continue to accompany him on many more royal engagements in the future.