TAG Heuer, And The Legendary The Indy 500

Tag Heuer Indy 500

The Indianapolis 500 transcends its status as a one-day sporting event, capturing the hearts and minds of participants, residents of the Midwestern city, and passionate fans worldwide. The magnitude of this spectacle is evident as fans begin camping out approximately four days in advance, eagerly anticipating the Sunday race. This year, an astonishing 300,000 fans managed to pack themselves into a sprawling 250-acre site, despite its seating capacity of 275,000, as reported. To put this into perspective, the size of the event grounds is roughly equivalent to half the population of Geneva, Switzerland—a city synonymous with the Swiss watch industry.

Meanwhile, nestled in the charming city of La Chaux-de-Fonds, near the picturesque headquarters of TAG Heuer, a different kind of grandeur unfolds. Although considerably smaller in size, the impact of TAG Heuer on the minds and wrists of car and watch enthusiasts is immense, thanks to its renowned association with motorsports. The last weekend in May holds special significance and bustling activity for this prestigious watch brand, as it plays host to two legendary motorsport events simultaneously: the Monaco Grand Prix and, of course, the Indianapolis 500. Remarkably, TAG Heuer has proudly served as the Official Timekeeper of the Indianapolis 500 for 19 consecutive years, cementing its deep-rooted connection with the race.

A distinctive honor awaits the victor of this exhilarating race each year—a limited-edition Indy 500 TAG Heuer timepiece, commemorating their remarkable achievement.