Citizen's Global Ambition: Attesa Collection Takes Center Stage

Citizen Attesa HAKUTO-R Super Titanium

Citizen's High-End Expansion in 2024

Japanese horology giant Citizen is setting the stage for a significant global presence in 2024, with its premium wristwatch models leading the charge. The brand, known for its meticulous craftsmanship, is intensifying its global footprint, with increased availability across key markets including a flagship boutique in New York City and expanded online sales.

The Attesa Collection: Blending Tradition with Innovation

Citizen's Attesa line, particularly the Attesa HAKUTO-R AT8285-68Z, exemplifies the brand's commitment to high-end, innovative timepieces. This collection, first launched in 1987, revolutionized the concept of 'connected' watches, featuring atomic clock radio signal receivers for precise timekeeping.

Citizen Attesa HAKUTO-R Super Titanium

Design and Durability: The Essence of Attesa

The Attesa HAKUTO-R AT8285-68Z, coated in DLC-treated Super Titanium, is not just a testament to Citizen's technological prowess but also to its dedication to durability and design. This 42mm timepiece, with a slim profile of 10.8mm, showcases a unique blue/purple dial, making it a standout piece in both form and function.

Practicality Meets High-End Technology

At the heart of the Attesa is Citizen's H800 module, an Eco-Drive quartz movement known for its thin profile and packed features. It's designed for the global traveler, offering a perpetual calendar, dual time zones, a power reserve indicator, and a 1/20th-second chronograph, all while requiring minimal maintenance.

Citizen Attesa HAKUTO-R Super Titanium

Citizen and HAKUTO-R: A Partnership for the Future

Citizen's collaboration with HAKUTO-R, the Japanese moon rover initiative, has further solidified its position as a pioneer in using advanced materials, with Super Titanium components being integral to the HAKUTO-R missions.

Citizen Attesa HAKUTO-R Super Titanium

Affordability and Global Reach

Despite its high-end positioning, Citizen is redefining its pricing strategy, making the Attesa more accessible. The brand is strategically adjusting its prices to enhance its competitiveness in the global market, with the Attesa HAKUTO-R AT8285-68Z priced at $1,495 USD, representing exceptional value for a watch of this caliber.

Citizen's move to globalize its elite watch models, with the Attesa leading the way, marks a new era for the brand. Watch enthusiasts worldwide can now experience the perfect blend of Japanese craftsmanship, innovative technology, and competitive pricing, making Citizen a key player in the global luxury watch market.