Casio's MR-G Frogman: A Dive into Evolution

The Legacy of the Frogman

Casio's journey with the Frogman began in 1993, introducing a rugged dive watch that set standards with its asymmetrical case design and impressive ISO 200-meter water resistance. Fast forward to its 30th anniversary, and the Frogman finds itself elevated into Casio's prestigious MR-G collection, with the MRGBF1000B1A marking the latest evolution in this iconic series.

Evolution through Color

In recent years, Casio has expanded the Frogman line with notable additions. The MR-G Frogman collection debuted with a titanium model featuring a black rubber strap and a striking blue color scheme. This was followed by a limited edition in vibrant yellow. Now, in 2024, the newest MR-G Frogman returns to its roots with a red colorway reminiscent of early Frogman iterations.

Titanium Brilliance

One of the standout features of the latest model is its titanium bracelet, a departure from the traditional rubber strap seen in previous releases. While the blue variant (ref. MRGBF1000R1A) retains the Dura Soft Fluoro rubber strap, the 30th-anniversary edition (ref. MRGBF1000E1A9) offers both rubber and titanium bracelets. All models boast a black DLC-coated titanium case with gold ion-plated accents on the anniversary edition, maintaining the Frogman's iconic asymmetrical style.

Innovative Design Elements

Examining these watches reveals design cues harking back to earlier Frogman editions. Notably, oversized screws reminiscent of the DW-8200 flank the case, adding a robust touch. The signature Frogman logo adorns the caseback, now engraved on sapphire crystal with color-matched vapor deposition for each model.

Diving Excellence

The MR-G Frogman retains its ISO rating, featuring an O-ring seal, screw-lock crown, and caseback for 200 meters of water resistance. Despite its dive prowess, the watch maintains G-Shock's legendary shock resistance with fluoro rubber buffers. Its diving mode and ability to log multiple dive times enhance functionality, complemented by the Casio Watches app for additional diving data.

Technical Specifications

Each MR-G Frogman boasts a substantial yet lightweight titanium case, measuring 49.7mm wide and 18.6mm thick. The inclusion of a metal bracelet, diver's extension, and high-brightness LED illumination for underwater legibility underscores its dive-focused design. Solar-powered and radio-controlled, these watches offer precise timekeeping alongside features like a countdown timer, stopwatch, and tide graph.

A Journey of Innovation

From its resin-clad origins to today's technologically advanced MR-G Frogman, Casio's evolution is evident. The analog display, Bluetooth connectivity, and meticulous craftsmanship define this premium timepiece. Priced at $5,800 USD, the MR-G Frogman MRGBF1000B1A stands as a testament to Casio's commitment to excellence in watchmaking.


The MR-G Frogman continues to captivate enthusiasts with its blend of heritage and innovation, making it a coveted addition to Casio's esteemed lineup.