Breitling Explores Uncharted Territory with Superocean Heritage ’57 Highlands Collection

BreitlingSuperocean Heritage ’57

Introduction: Dive watches have long been cherished by collectors and enthusiasts, transcending their aquatic origins to become versatile timepieces. In a surprising move, Breitling unveils the Superocean Heritage ’57 Highlands collection for 2023, a vintage-inspired series that draws inspiration from the Scottish Highlands.

Breitling Explores Uncharted Territory with Superocean Heritage ’57

The Unconventional Blend: Breitling takes a unique approach by crafting a vintage dive watch that transports wearers to the rugged landscapes of the Scottish Highlands. Although initially unconventional, the choice aligns with the modern trend of wearing dive watches more for everyday activities like hiking rather than their original underwater purpose.

Breitling Superocean Heritage ’57

Design Aesthetics: The Superocean Heritage ’57 Highlands collection comprises four models, each meticulously crafted from stainless steel and adorned with 18k red gold bezels featuring ceramic inserts matching the dial colors. The palette, inspired by the Scottish Highlands, includes captivating hues such as beige, green, mustard, and blue.

Breitling Superocean Heritage ’57

Versatile Straps for Every Style: While all models feature stainless steel mesh bracelets, Breitling adds a distinctive touch with extra tweed-inspired fabric straps that complement each watch's dial color. The additional blue tweed strap, available separately, caters to collectors seeking customization.

Dimensions and Features: Maintaining the standard dimensions of the Superocean Heritage ’57 models, these timepieces measure 38mm in diameter by 9.35mm thick, with a lug-to-lug profile of 42mm. A cambered sapphire crystal, concave rotating timing bezel, and a solid screw-down caseback showcase the watch's attention to detail. Notably, the collection offers 100 meters of water resistance.

Powerful Movement: Driving the Superocean Heritage ’57 Highlands watches is Breitling's Caliber 10 automatic movement, rooted in the ETA 2982 architecture. Operating at 28,800 vph with a 42-hour power reserve, this COSC-certified chronometer ensures precision within -4/+6 seconds per day.

Limited Edition Appeal: Priced at $6,250 USD, the Superocean Heritage ’57 Highlands models stand out with rose gold bezels and dual straps. Breaking from tradition, this collection is available for a limited time, adding an exclusive allure to these Scottish Highlands-themed timepieces.

Conclusion: Breitling's Superocean Heritage ’57 Highlands collection challenges conventional norms, proving that dive watches can seamlessly transition from underwater adventures to the picturesque landscapes of the Scottish Highlands. With a limited edition status and captivating colorways, these timepieces redefine the boundaries of purpose-built designs, offering a refreshing perspective in the world of horology.